Friday, February 12, 2010

Prank week.

I started up with my regular pranking once again. We had a few good ones, me and Stef. 

- Confetti in Ash's car vents. Classic. To perform, with the car off put confetti in car vents, then turn AC on full blast. 

Turning on the car = confetti everywhere.

-To Jacki, baby oil in shampoo.

- Next on dock is the fake broken window in a car. Roll down the window all the way and then spread broken glass all over their seat. It should look legit.

I love pranks so much. 

What are some of your ideas?

Happy pranking!

More later. 


Lachele said...

Ahhhh I love it.
Why is it prank week, I thought that was in April?
I'm copying the confetti in the vents business!

Lachele said...

Umm, heres one to try. I may or may not have tried this saturday night. Take two little jacks(to change a tire) and place them behind the back tires of a persons car and raise them just enough so that the tire comes off the ground but not too much so that it's super noticable....then hide and watch the person try to drive away... ha! They can't. Classic. Amazing. He might have called AMA, I did laugh...