Friday, February 19, 2010

Senior Prom

Our "Senior" Prom was a success! It was so fun to go to and have so many participate (185 students to be exact). Everyone was supposed to bring a 65 or older date, and man did they ever love it, on both sides! There was plenty of old music like Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, and Elvis to go around. I loved it. Watching them have so much fun and pull moves I didn't know were possible was hilarious! Oh we all got a kick of em, here are some pictures:

These were by far the best (and funniest) dancers of the night. Oh, you've never seen a lady move like that.

We also had bingo. They LIVE for bingo. And let me say, we couldn't get some of them out of there!

Unfortunately our dear friend Nel couldn't make it. We went to visit her though and we had a pretty dang funny conversation. It went a little something like this:

"How many ya'll are Virgins?"
 All us laughing by now... and raising our hands.
"Oh, praise Jesus!" she announced.
She continues as we giggle, "now girls, I had three husbands, all dead, and not one-a them never laid a hand on me. Not a one...til we was married. That's what Jesus wants girls! Because if they'll do it with you, they'll do it to you."

Whatever that means. Reminds us of a little conversation we had earlier with Nel. Ha, so happy it went well! More later!


Mena said...

If your husband will sleep with you when you're not married, he'll sleep with someone else he's not married to. I think that's her point (and a good one too!)