Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Uhhhh...kill me now.

I am laying here in the surgical center waiting to go in for my 4th knee surgery. I am annoyed.

To make things worse, there is a thin curtain between me and a couple that got engaged last night. It started out cute, and then me and my mom mouthed to each other, "oh that's sweet." Not any more. I am ready to burst out laughing and rip through the curtain and tell them to talk quieter about their lives in the future.

I am starting to hear things like this:

"Hun, so we can take out like an 8 thousand dollar loan and blah blah blah, and have 50 extra dollars so we make sure we can go on dates every week."

"Hun, babe, I can come bring a red box and whatever you want when you are done."

"Babe, huny, when we have kids, what do you think we will name them?"

"We should probably get our bridals done this weekend and then we can make sure we go skiing after...and we will have to make sure that finger is covered up."

"Babe, babe, kissy kissy, babe, hun, babe, hun....kiss kiss...gag me with a ski pole."

"Babe, dental school will be great...so great."

"The williams have big eyebrows, that means YOUR kids are going to have big eyebrows."

"I would just sign up to be with some doctor in some inner-city place and then you could live in the suburbs with the kids. How many do you want to have? How do you use birth control then??"

HA! Kill me


Julie said...

Hahahaha. I hate these people. Bless your knee!

Ali said...

Hahahahahaha Oh man, I am SO sorry! Haha but you just made my horrible day a lot better with that funny post! Thank you! :)

Kate Weber said...

I hope that the surgery went well, and I absolutely LOVE sharing rooms in the hospital (dripping with sarcasm)

New to your blog. LOVE it so far. Can't wait to read more.

f1trey said...

remind me NOT to have knee surgery...hehehe oh that just stinks! hang tough.....pain pills a comin!