Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And...I'm off!!

Well, after many months of anticipation, prayer, lots of tears, and a lot of answered prayers I am headed off to the MTC!! In just a half an hour I will be set apart to be a missionary of the LDS church.

I am SO excited and nervous to go....yet I can't wait another second.

I am so grateful for everyone who attended my farewell on sunday! It was a mad house and 400 tacos later and one crazy household I saw so many people I adore and cherish so much.

Well, my bags are packed, good-byes have been said, all the tears I possibly think I could squeeze out have been wept, my last texts have been sent, and I am ready to go!

I am ready to go out and talk to the world of the good news of the gospel. To meet all those who are prepared and searching for answers I am so excited to give.

To talk to those people I know without a doubt I met in the pre-existence and promised I would tell them what I know...what I feel, and what I have prayed about and had answered.

To submit everything I have to the Lord, and to give up all for the next 18 months.

So I say to you my goodbyes!! I love you all and know I will be praying for you, and any prayers you want to send to up for me I would love.

This is the real gospel. I love it! And I would never be going out and doing what I am doing if I didn't know for sure.

Be good, and be safe!

My mom will be updating this blog with some things that are happening each week! Soooo, more later!

Love Always,
Sister Gould

P.S. My updated addresses will be to the side :) If you write, I will most definitely write back!


Kallie said...

Good luck on the Mish!! You did an amazing job on Sunday and will be the BEST missionary ever!! I hope your Ma and Pa will keep us updated! I have no doubt that you will have the best experience and those people ARE waiting for you to share the gospel with them!! WE love you!! The Haverons

The Payne Family said...

You are going to be an awesome missionary Chels! Those people of California are so lucky to have you. I'm so excited for you. Good luck!!