Friday, July 30, 2010

Excerpts from my letter home

"Classes are good- and hard. I thought thinking about only one thing would be a break, but  thinking  spiritual all the time can be exhausting! I study so hard, and sometimes I feel like my eyeballs are on the floor on one side of the room and my brain is mush on the other! BUT, I am learning a lot! I absolutely LOVE our district. These 19 yr. olds really help loosen me up so I don't get too serious with myself. Also, chivalry is NOT dead at the MTC. Sisters always go first and I don't think I have opened a door myself since I have been here. They take your trays and stand up when you come in the room! Its AMAZING!!! Food is OK, Mostly stick to wraps and salads. Funny how the days are so long, but fly by! I have 2 gym classes and love to work out! I'm not used to sitting this much. I am just working really hard, and trying my best. I love it! This week has been great and I am getting more used to it."
Chelsea's P-day is on Tuesdays and she will be departing the MTC about the 9th or 11th of Aug. You can write to her on Her box # is 262 CA SFER. She loves loves LOVES mail like any missionary! She would love to hear from anyone!

*note, this is just a generic pic of some sweet sisters, not Chels. Ha!