Monday, July 12, 2010

These last few days...

have been a little crazy.

Trying to get ready to leave for a year and half is a lot more taxing than I thought. We have been cleaning the house like mad, packing, shopping and of course having a little fun.

I also went with friends to float the Provo river the other day.

It was beautiful.

Not sure I would do it again for a while.

My tube I think was popped from the beginning which is not so fun.

 It began when current swept me under the bridge where I smacked my head and thought I was going to die.

The water was SO cold! We couldn't feel anything.

I also wish I could show everyone my bum and the roughness of it. Since my tube was so flat I scraped bottom many times....really hard!

James also got knocked off and in some INSANE way he got the rope of my tube caught around his was also way scary.

I mean, I definitely recommend it at least once in your life! We had a good time and we laughed a lot...I just don't know how inclined I am to get back in, mostly because it is so dang cold.

I also saw Million Dollar Baby  for the first time.

Okaaaaayyy....what the judd? That is the saddest, hardest movie to sit through ever. That is some heavy stuff and I don't know if I liked it.

Definitely worth all of the academy awards it was given...very, very well done. Don't get me wrong...I just can't do that sad. Maybe once every 10 years....max.

Also it was my Daddy's birthday today! Happy birthday to him, sure love and appreciate him so SO much!

It's been a good weekend...hope yours was great also! More later :)