Friday, May 15, 2009


K so I just got back from an awesome conference about campus compact and service.
There were some very attractive men there who also wanted to get out and save the world.
Dat my nice.
Love those.
ANYWAY, for next year we are re-structuring everything and
so I got some awesome ideas.
What do you think for the shirts for service council...
like this:

only instead "iServe"??
The silhouette is going to be a guy with a shovel, I think.
How do you feel about that?

Anyway, here is the video that took me all day to put together.
Some input would be awesome.
It's kind of rough and needs some changes but you can at least take a look.
More later!


Cami said...

Love it my dear! You are going to be one hard act to follow when you are done with this position on Student Government. You have already done so much! The movie is great, and I think the shirts will be awesome!