Sunday, May 10, 2009

To the Momma.

My Mom is the best. There are PLENTY of facts and figures to prove that right.
But I will give you the top 10:

1. She makes me laugh harder than anyone on this planet.
Best of all: it's not usually THAT funny. She just laughs so hard she cries
when she is telling the joke that I can't help but do the same.

2. She cares about everyone else way before herself.
Rarely do I ever see her do anything that is just for herself.
Sometimes it makes me REALLY mad because one of these days
I just want her to be plain selfish.
But, it never happens.
Most of the time it is for her children or husband,
and she would drop everything just to make sure our needs are taken care of.

3. She has done awesome stuff!
Her life makes me want to have more adventure.
She had been to 26 different countries by the time she was 26,
did pageants, served a mission,
owned her own hair salon by the time she was 16 (crazy I know!),
toured with the Osmond's to do hair and makeup,
was the star in Single's 2nd Ward (and about a billion other movies haha),
dated Bob Evans (from Fox 13 news)
and the guy that is the one who announces general conference (you know the one that says, "This is the 172nd billionth general conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"?), and the list goes on.

4. She supports me in everything I do and sacrifices to make sure I get the help I need.
So many times have I come to her and said,
"Mom! Guess what I think I have decided to do? I think this year I am going to ______!"
"Wow!" She replies (generally unless it is completely stupid),
"I think that sounds awesome!"
Those blanks have been filled in with stuff like:
I think I want to go to Africa, to be in a pageant,
to run for student government (7 times now),
be an EMT, become a traveling nurse, move to St. George,
do autopsies, take 18 credits...on and on.

5. My friends like her more than they like me!
And I love that.
One of my favorite things is that she loves to sit down and talk to all my friends.
She likes to be involved in their lives, and I think they like that too.
If any of you know my mom, you know that if you come over she will grab scuddles,
sit down on the red chair, and we will sit on the couch while we proceed to talk about EVERYTHING...
and I love it.

6. That she is a do-it-yourself kind of mom. She really can fix just about anything I think by this time. This has included changing the break pads on the car, the plumbing when it has flooded, the garbage disposal, mow the lawns....just about everything. Just PLEASE don't ask her to fix the computer. We don't do that.

7. She is really good at saving money and spending wisely.
I have never been really good at this, yet I have a perfect example in front of me.
She literally gets four newspapers every sunday so she can coupon.
Not only that, but she organizes them in one of those little plastic organizer thingys that you put beads in...know what I am talking about?
It is so embarrasing when we get to the cashier and there is huge line
and she pulls out 400 coupons for him to scan.
It is NOT so embarrassing when he says,
"Wow! You just saved $127.00." (everyone else in the line also freaks. out.)

P.S. that is a true story....that's a lot of savings!

8. She is really good at pretty much everything she does.
Sewing (one time she made me a swimming was intense),
cooking (bah! so good),
she is pretty much a doctor and everyone calls her "Doctor Gould"
because I think she can diagnose and fix everyone....lots of people call her
when they have some weird thing....
especially me and Papa Gould.
Gardening, whistling 2 tones, to name a few more,
and she is pretty much mountain woman and could save us in the wilderness.
Heaven knows my dad probably couldn't (he is pretty good....don't take that as a diss, like I said though my mom is mountain woman),
and training dogs...Sonny is real good at his tricks thanks to her.

9. She married my dad.
Two people could not be more right for each other than her and my dad.
Funny story...they met on a blind date and two weeks later were engaged.
HA! Crazy, but not really.
I have the two best people on this planet for parents and I am glad they found each other.
As my dad always says to me, "If I lined up all the little girls in the whole world,
all that there were and all that there will be,
I would always pick you to be my daughter."
Same goes to them, I would always pick them to be my parents.

10. She loves the gospel and has done everything in her power to make sure that we knew her testimony and taught us the ways that Heavenly Father would want us to live.
She taught us through words obviously,
but my best way of learning from her was from her example.
The way that she always put the Lord first,
when I would walk in on her reading her scriptures or saying her prayers,
when she would drop everything to go to the temple,
being the most awesome young women's leader,
bearing her testimony in church, going on a mission,
and teaching us the right ways to live.

I love ya Modge! You're the greatest! Happy Mother's Day :)