Saturday, May 9, 2009

Texting 101

I am not gonna lie to you, I am not such a huge fan of texting.
I never really have been, and if you have ever texted me and I haven't
texted back...I am deeply sorry.
It just seems so...I duno, annoying.
Every two minutes it vibrates and then you have to actually ANSWER.
Actually, I just hate the phone all together.
It's necessary...I just don't like it.
Tyface would always tell me (he never had a phone and refused to get one), "the phone doesn't rule our lives!"
But it totally does...I can't handle not checking it, but I hate it at the same time.
The worst is when someone texts you and you have no idea who they are!

This happened to me the other day.
I proceeded to have a whole conversation (which I hate doing) throughout the day and eventually had to suffer through the embarrassment of asking, "sorry, now who is this again?" What an idiot I am.
AND I am really slow at texting too....maybe that's why I hate it.

More later...or should I say l8r? *gags*


A Real Good Bet said...

Great . . . now you made me feel terrible for every texting you!!

Then again, I know to never expect you to text back . . =)