Saturday, May 30, 2009

White. Toyota. Corolla.

Alright, so this is the type of car that just about every other person in Utah county has because, well, it is the best car for your buck.
Anyway, after a REA-HEALLY long 15 hr day doing both jobs (don't worry for all of those thinking "oh my gosh, why is she killing herself? What about her health?...this won't happen that often, I just took an extra shift.)
I had to make a quick pit stop to Wal-Mart.
In a daze I walked down the grimey, super low priced but terrible produce (that lasts no more than 2 days max, I swear) store.
My legs were tired.
My back was sore from picking up old folks off the potty.
My ears were tired from getting profanity yelled at me BEFORE I even drew their blood.
My eyes were tired from counting meds.
And I knew in the back of my head I had another 8 hour shift that started at 6 AM.
With all that going on I walked back out to the parking lot to what I thought was MY Toyota Corolla.
It wasn't.
I was severely confused sticking the key in and out and almost breaking it off.
I looked in, saw the stereo gone, my e-brake on, and my backpack missing.
I panicked.
I started looking around, looking for my phone, ready to yell for the freakin' forensic unit to come check it out.
A good 2 minutes of shear panic.
Then I looked behind me and saw two other white corollas, of which mine was one of .
I had a good 4 minutes of laughing at myself right out loud while people looked confused at my obvious insanity.

What a night.
(Yes, I still love my jobs.)


kayla & tyler said...

haha that is funny!!! but i'm sure if it happened to me, i would be freaking out too! it happened once to my dad, years ago with our nasty blue mini-van. he had parked at the church, and after his meeting he came out and the key fit into the van, but it wasn't even our van. he figured it out cause there was a baby car seat in it and we definately weren't needed baby car seats. haha it was hilarious!

aly said...

haha very true... i drive one myself :)