Saturday, June 11, 2011

If things go as planned....

I hope to be going here next summer for another good dose of humanitarian work:

 Some of my very favorites from my mission invited me to go with them. seriously do not even need to finish your sentence 
before I have my ticket bought and I am in my seat. 

I will think of you every day my Filipino darling Cami Fairbanks. 

I hope it all works out...because in my mind...I'm already there.

I seriously want to go everywhere and work in every orphanage that ever was.
Hence...why I changed my major.
See you soon Manila :)


Zane and Cami said...

Bahhhhh I want to go so bad!! I just talked to one of my little cousins ther day and it made me so sad to think that now we have real jobs and responsibility, so we can't just up and go for a month. Dang it all...hate growing up some times. Please please go, that way I can live my trip through yours! :)

Drea said...

Hey Chels! I haven't popped over to see your blog in a while, but I hope everything works out and you get to go visit the Phillipines.

You're so inspiring, Ms. Gould.

Keep making all of us want to be better. <3

You're amazing.

Andrea (Thayne) Hatch

Tyson + Sarah said...

You're amazing chels! Even with everything you've been going through you still put others first. Love you girl!