Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's a disease...or a growth.

Seriously, that is how I feel about this show.

A few years back some of my greatest of friends said, "Hey Cheltz, just watch one episode of this show."

And after that point it was this annoying growth that I had.

It was like I honestly thought to myself, "Wow, this show is ridiculous", and then I just kept watching...and watching. And now, I have to watch...and it still drives me nuts.

 drives me absolutely bonkers. She is beautiful and smart...but I can't handle listening to her. Yet, there I watch, week after week because I must know what happens.

And if she mentions him:

one more time, my hand may just go through the screen. Sweetie, you only knew him 3 weeks.

Our Utah boy has caused quite the stir. Yes he was such a jerk...but I honestly couldn't help but chuckle because the show is so ridiculous that it is funny that he dooped everyone. What I am not laughing about is when she has to watch back what he said about her...that makes me sad. If you don't watch or aren't watching this season let me show you what he is like:

Me and the Sis were laughing so hard...what an idiot. Especially how he is at the end towards the guys....what dummy...yet so hilarious.

And I was also freaking out this week because it took place in Phuket, Thailand RIGHT where were last summer! Even the sea kayaking trip they went on I went on...so that was pretty cool.

Ok, enough about this show.

I hate it.

But you can bet I will still watch it next week.



Lachele said...

I will be watching it next week with you. Bentley is coming back. Yep. I'm slightly excited. Everyone loves a good villen.

Lauren Gardner said...

I couldnt have said it better myself. I am in the same boat. Stupid stupid show. Cant stop watching lol.

Kayla said...

haha obsessed with Bachlor/ette. it's awesome and hilarious. it is so addicting. Bentley won't be back next week - they just showed us what happens in 2 weeks. it's gonna be awesome. I hope you don't mind me rambling, but I have to tell someone. Nick looks like Young Hercules from the disney movie. Ames looks like Quasimodo from Hunchbach. am i right? haha. but for the most part, I think all the guys seem really nice (aside from bentley). Do you watch Bachelor pad? it starts in August and michelle money is on it. ohh drama.

Jasmine said...

oh wow me too. Dave and I got into Emily and Brad and now we are hooked on this. But I cant stand her! She is retarded, I mead come on sister.... do some critical thinking here. You ask him about the accusations and he NEVER denies it. Ugh. We were laughing cause I actually like her more when she is depressed. Her voice is more tolerable that way. And why are our salt lake peeps always the douches? Man this show is addicting. (Dave watches it with me every week... and I dont force him. Haha)