Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh, my little homey.

This is my my little homey Jaden that I LOVE so, so much!

On my mission I met one of my most favorite families ever who had the funniest and cutest kids! Jaden, the youngest (4 then, now 5) was the biggest crack up in the world. He was just a little ladies man who taught us how to over-use the word "homey".

Every time we came over his favorite thing to do was run up with his little nike's, hat to the side, and long bball shorts and say (with his wanna-be peace sign...but it was really three fingers instead of two like this...)

and say, "Peace out homies!"...over and over again. So funny...well, we thought it was. I think his parents got super sick of it and we kind of egged it on hahah oops!

We then became the "homies" instead of the Sisters and we loved it.

Then one day when we left he said in all seriousness, "I love you homies. I love you Sissies." I. about. died. it was so cute!

My companion and I said that to each other probably 8,000 times a day...and we continue to call each other homies from now on. It is great times.

Luckily I have this hilarious video to show you how cute it is! Enjoy!

What made me think of this homey was these little homies on America's Got Talent that my mom showed me! How cute are they??

Happy Wednesday!


Jasmine said...

dang those homies do have talent!