Sunday, June 5, 2011

Old folks make me sa-happy.

This weekend I started working back at my most favoritest old folks home EVER. The two ladies above are still there along with many other of my great friends. I am starting back but still taking it easy because I am working up my strength...but boy it makes me happy to be back.

Working with the elderly seriously brings me so much joy I can't even begin to tell you. Their wrinkley sweet faces, good stories, and sometimes outlandish comments make me so happy.

I have been working on memory support side which definitely is not always easy but somehow I just love it. These are people with Alzheimers, Dementia, Schizophrenia and other mind altering problems which makes for SUPER interesting nights.

Top 10 favorite moments of the past two days:

1. Looking over to see three residents all reading the paper upside down.
2. Getting smacked in the face when trying to change someone's clothes.
3. Going to take one person's teeth out and finding another resident's teeth in the cup instead.
4. Finding one resident with 3 shirts on, one backwards, and pants on with no undies.
5. Having 4 of them meet to conspire to break out.
6. One resident offering me 100,000 dollars to give the code to get me the money honey.
7. Getting told, "love you honey" with a cute kiss on the cheek more times than I can count.
8. Finding really creative ways to get pills down really agitated residents with chocolate and then getting them spit in your face.
9. Finding one resident pulling all of the flowers out of pots and planting them outside.
10. Finding one resident hiding behind the chair "playing house".

Oh it sure is eventful. I am so glad that I can take care of these sweet people in their last days and I always hope they get the very best of care. They sure deserve it...I fall in love with them so quickly.

On my mission I also met a lot of elderly gems...Grandma Lapena is on the left.

She is the best woman I know and gave me more laughs than I can handle. She is also dating a man LITERALLY half her age which makes her even funnier. This is them...

Seriously I cannot handle it, it makes me laugh too much. Like for reals she is 82 and he is 41...what the judd?? She is apparently super hip.

Here is more proof of her hip-ness. For your viewing pleasure....I give you Grandma Lapena (sorry it is's worth it I swear.)


Happy be-lated Sunday.
Hug an old person for me this week.
It will make you and them so happy!


Jasmine said...

oh I am glad you are working with those sweeties again. Old people are the greatest!

caitlin said...

That sounds like such a sweet job!