Saturday, September 22, 2012

A girl can't catch a break...


This is just hitting the ridiculous point. Actually, I think we hit that a while ago so now it is just starting to be hysterical.

This little heart of mine just is not at all happy with me!

I just was doing so much better and even had a great trip with my best girls to St. George...

So fun! Miss them all so much already.

Anyway, as the story goes....(I will make this my sweet and condensed version)

- I was in class and I started having this pain in my back on the right side that wrapped around under my ribs. It almost felt like a kidney stone and I thought to myself, "really?? A kidney stone? embarrassing. What next?". Spoke too soon and looking back a kidney stone would have been much easier. I got home and laid down to try and rest up. Next thing I know my heart is doing the craziest stuff. It would feel like it would vibrate, a lot of pain, inability to breathe, and blacking out. I figured, this is really not good and called my doctor who told me to get to the Emergency Room. I got up to get going in the car and suddenly found myself having another episode and not able to make it to the car. Laying in the middle of the hallway 911 was called....

Aye carumba, I hate going in the ambulance. So embarrassing. Too much attention. Too much money for a 5 minute ride.

I guess it was worth it and better to be safe than sorry.

....even when I am laying in the back of an ambulance with no shirt on in front of 5 guys. Not my proudest moment.

We got me to the E.R., where everyone knows me by now (embarrassing) and we find out my heart is going crazy (duh). My heart rate was going from 60 to 180 or 200 in seconds...hence the pass out, inability to breathe, situation.

I was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia and then sent home with meds and an event heart monitor.

Apparently I was having enough episodes to fill up the monitor....before I even got home from the hospital. No good. Was up off an on all night with the episodes which was annoying and unsettling.

- Then I woke up thursday morning to find out this guy:

(my Papa Gould) went to the E.R. at 4 from a fall. 2 broken ribs and stitches in his ear. He is doing ok but breaks my heart. And everyone knew we were related since I was there the night before...ha. Hahah. Also embarrassing.

- The same morning my dad went and picked up my prescriptions for me. I woke up long enough to find out about Papa and take the new meds. Soon after I was out cold....for like 5 hours. When I woke up feeling like a drunk I wondered if I had taken the right med because I felt so groggy. I looked at my bottle to see Diazepam (Valium, a sedative) rather than Diltiazem (a beta blocker).....seriously? Bad, bad mistake on the pharmacy. I am lucky because A) I take a sleeping medication and the combination could have been deadly...I figured it out before I had taken it B) I have taken classes on meds and given them at work so I knew it wasn't correct and C) I figured it out quickly rather than three days later.

The Mom was not a happy camper...neither was I.

It was just not good at. all. And the pharmacy is well aware of how not ok that was and how unhappy we were.

- Over the next 2 days I continued to have episodes every 30 minutes. I went to my surgeon's office who looked at the event monitor and felt strongly I needed to be seen now. Tried and tried and tried to get some help from another office to no avail. When we finally got someone, they asked me to go back to the Emergency Room to be admitted. What the?? No. No, no, no. What would be the point of going back to the ER to have the same tests I had 2 days ago?? Also, all of our deductibles have been met and everything is covered from here on out except the ER. Mama bear was not happy. Incredibly we have some good friends who work in the ER who pulled some strings and got us around going to the ER and just admitted...thank goodness.

- And finally, the doctor came in last night and said I have some pleurisy and my lung is still not expanding from being collapsed in surgery...hence the pain. Put me on 2 more new meds that control the rhythm of my heart as well as a beta blocker. Besides making me feel like I got hit with a bus, taking those on top of my other two meds definitely shut down the episodes for now.

So here I lay in my luxurious CCU room hoping that one day this can all be over.

However, feeling so grateful for the support and knowing I have been really helped and blessed from some potentially bad situations.

Thanks to everyone who has done so much for me and my family! You just can't know how much it means!


Christi Lynn said...

oh my goodness! how scary! I am so glad you were alright. hope everything goes well.

Christine-Chioma said...

Oh gosh! I can't believe it. I'm sorry! I hope things work out for good! I am frustrated on your behalf.

rebecca said...

I'm glad you're okay. That's super scary and frustrating.