Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh, Scuddles.

Yesterday I was at Target shopping for a few birthday presents, and low and behold I walk down the Halloween aisle and see a whole section of these:

Pet costumes.

So there I am, all alone in the aisle laughing hysterically all by myself. I mean, like tears laughing! All I could do was imagine Scuddles in each of these outfits and I just couldn't handle it. I also just love the look on all of their faces in these pictures like, "really?? You guys are really making me wear this?"

It took me forever to pick one, but eventually we ended up with this:

An Alligator! Oh man, it was just too much to handle. He really didn't like me laughing at him and kept giving me the "side eye", like he was embarrassed. This picture kind of shows how mad and sheepish he felt.

It was probably one of the funnier moments of my life. I just love that widdle guy Scuddles. He got lots of treats after so he forgave me.

Happy Halloween!

I can't wait to unveil my costume as well. It's gonna be a good one!


Jasmine said...

hahaha and it goes so well with his snaggle tooth!