Sunday, September 9, 2012

Favorites of the week:

I think I decided Sunday's I am going to start putting all my favorite things of the week. Favorite foods, products, moments, photos....whatevs. It just feels right.

So, here it goes folks.

1. Favorite product (more than just this week, but maybe of all time. It changed my life.)

Clearsonic Face Cleansing.

This thing is like a Sonicare toothbrush for your face. Your skin will never feel smoother...guaranteed.

2. Favorite food/recipe

Fresh homemade salsa made from tomatoes out of the garden. Yum!

Juanita's chips.
You haven't lived til' you've tried these. They are even gluten free!

Honestly, I would eat homemade salsa as soup. I also ate this combo every day this week. Guilty.

3. Favorite moment of the week:

Getting to start driving again!

There is nothing like getting your freedom back and getting a handicapped pass. Not necessarily in that order. Don't even think about asking if you can buy it from me, because that thing is golden til Oct. 23.

4. Favorite lesson of the week.

Online shopping is A-mazing. 
With a capital "A".

How did I never online shop before? I mostly started because of my inability to try on clothes right mow. That would be very miserable. I was worried things wouldn't fit and it would be a mess. Turns out it is awesome, most things fit, and if they don' can return! For free. Please. Life just got better.

5. Favorite song of the week:

Ed Sheeran: Autumn Leaves

6. Favorite video:

Rylee who re-did my blog has the. most. incredible. wedding video. I am in love!
Did you watch?? Man....I really need myself a man. And a brown man at that. We all know I love those. :)

7. Favorite thing to watch on TV:

All things politics.
Don't hate.

8. Favorite picture:

Sonny thinks he owns my bed.
Sorry for his immodesty.

9. Favorite funny:

You might have seen this, and I may have posted before, but it is so funny. Can't handle.

10. Favorite inspiration:

Happy Sunday :)


rebecca said...

Yay for driving! Also, thanks for sharing that clip, because it's pretty much what goes on in my head every day. Everything's amazing and nobody's happy.

Zane and Cami said...

Oh I just love you. Can we call and chat? I miss you like ca-rayzee. I absolutely LOVE my face washing spinner. I use it in the shower and sometimes fall asleep to it scrubbing my face (probably not the best thing for my face)...but it feels better than a fresh baby's bottom. Love it.

And I must know what your favorite online places to shop are. I want to do more online shopping...but I'm a CHEAP-O and want the best places.