Monday, August 25, 2008

I remember why!

OK, I am back in sunny St. George about to start at Dixie! I remember why I love it so much!! So many people I love are down here, I love, love, LOVE the school, my apartment, my friends, the environment, my ward, the streets! ALL OF IT.
And so here are the pictures....some are funny....of my new apartment. But I love it. Love it love it. Did I tell you I love it? And everyone I have ever tried to convince to come down here is laughing at me for saying that I love it.

So here is my apartment!

My room! Kinda squishy, but cozy.

And my closet which I know is funny to put on here but I am so proud of it. It took me so dang long to figure out how to strategically put everything I have in this tiny closet. But it worked.

More later I guess. The knee is about the size of two footballs....haha which is REALLY interesting down here trying to get everything done as a gimp. It's real hot, and I have gone back to work which I absolutely LOVE my job and the Hoag's. School starts on tuesday, and oddly enough I am excited. We'll see how it all plays out. And this weekend I got to go to our Ambassador Retreat. We went up to Brian Head up in Parawan and it was so fun. We stayed in a lodge and got all of our plans done for the year. So yeah! Thats about it! More later.