Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I want to adopt one day....bad.

So, I have always, always wanted to adopt from overseas. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to adopt along with have my own kids. I just want a really really big multi-cultural family. But the last few days I have seen this show called Adoption Stories, (excuse my T.V. watching. I have been glued to that stupid couch) and I have cried, no joke, on every episode. Lots of people try to discourage adopting because a lot of times it can be very difficult, but it is something I am willing to take on. I want a baby from Russia, China, Africa (of course), and Mexico....and then 3 or 4 of my own. Yay! These are pictures of orphans from each of the places I told you. Gah! Now I just have to check if that is all ok with my husband and Heavenly Father. We'll see....but I really really wanna.


aly said...

you are going to be such a great mom cheas! and your family is going to be so cute! (i want to take your future pictures!)

ps- i hope you are feeling ok!

lauren said...

I am going to do this too!Actually, haha. My boyfriend wants to adopt an African son and name him Apollo Creed. I said no on the name, haha.