Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quality Nanny Moment of the Day

Ok, so first off I have to say I ADORE my job and everything that it entails. Best thing EVER. The best part is I love love love the family and love their kids. Everything about em...even the tougher stuff. It makes it good. But I like to put my funny moments and good times on here. One of the best was my creative project me and Natey Naterson endulged in. You MAY have to enlarge the picture to get the detailing hahaha. I am SO proud of my card-board tubed spider-man sleeves. So take a look:

Hahaha I know right? That says, "Lil' Spider Nate" on the sleeves, and then the strings that hang off are his webs, and there is a strap made in the back so that the two sleeves are attached. Ok I am so proud! That is some quality Paper tube-ing I have to admit. Hahah. He loved them. And so did I and I felt mighty might creative. Ok so enough about my proud moment.

To get the full effect of The Naterson please watch the following video. I realize it is on it's side....but it seriously is SO funny. This is his rendition of the ABC'S, and I kid you not he says the same letters every time. So the song does totally work in his mind.

I also REALLY enjoy when he sings to the tune of "M-I-C-K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E" in his own letters. It usually goes something like: "M-I-P-O-N-G, L-M-S-O-P". Makes me chuckle every single time and makes me remember how I just adore all his guts.

Anyway, I love my job basically. YUP. Check that off my list of things I love, love, love. Did I tell you I love it? Just checkin.