Sunday, August 3, 2008

I re-heally want one.

So I am not gonna lie...I am kind of a scrapbook addict. I love it. Now that I am not able to run like I used to and have that as my out-let....scrapbooking has definitely kicked it up a notch for me. And so, I really am gonna ask for this for my birthday...or Christmas. It is beautiful and will take care of all of my lettering slash di-cut needs.

The Cricut


Kristi said...

I am no fact I suck at it...but when I had to be all cutesy and make Matt a scrapbooky thing my sister's sister-in-law had one...and IT'S FREAKING AMAZING. I can see why you want one!

lauren said...

haha my little sisters have this... in greeeeeeen