Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pet Peeves SLASH Annoyances

Well, while I have been laying here for what seems like an ETERNITY, I just was bugged today. Not really for any particular reason, but I decided that somedays I just need to have my "I'm bugged, just let me be" days. So I just felt like making a list of my pet peeves and things that really just send me over the edge. Here we go: Ps. You should all try it. It's so....theraputic and wonderful.

1. When we are driving in the car, I really can't handle when I know we are going to turn right and we are in the left lane. It doesn't really matter how long we have until we have to turn right, it gives me SEVERE anxiety if you are not in that lane. Friends that know me really well like to try and purposefully stay in the wrong lane til the last possible minute. This gives me more anxiety than necessary.

2. When people try to talk to me when I am reading....bless his little heart, Papa Gould LOVES to do this. Especially when we are sitting in the Tulsa airport.

3. When my toothbrush isn't covered in a case.

4. No parking at Raintree (my apartment).

5. Drivers who cut you off and think they're awesome.

6. When nurses miss my vein...especially cuz I know I have really awesome veins and they are really easy to get, Every nurse tells me this...except for the ones that miss.

7. When people are mean.

8. When people try and talk to me when a teacher/professor/speaker/in church speaker. It stresses me out.

9. When milk isn't cold.

10. When I really wanna do something and I am too sick/too disabled to do it.

11. Long lines at the post office

12. Having to tell a story over text.

13. When the bathroom, kitchen, and the vacuuming is dirty/isn't done and ESPECIALLY when I don't have the energy to do it.

14. When I am out of glue, on a Sunday especially, and in the middle of scrapbooking.

15. Finally...when people write "Just Married" on your car after you just. washed it.

Whew. That felt really good. I am sure it could go on longer.....cuz all of us when in the moment could be bugged by lots. Oh wait! One....no two more!

16. Paying for gas....which is a liquid.....when I used to spend 20 bucks and now it costs 52 to fill up my tank. UGGGG

17. High costs for text books. And I quote Mr. Craig Blake who used to write a column "Things that Suck" In the Dixie Sun Times (Which is probably the FUNNIEST column you will ever read. I got tears reading it":

"College Book Prices – Actually, the cost is very reasonable when you consider that the paper was weaved in the mountains by Peruvian silkworms. Wait… that isn’t true? Hmmm… I did not know ordinary paper was this valuable. It seems that the more expensive the book, the less it will be used in your class. The price may be high, but the knowledge gained by the diagrams you will peruse will be priceless!"

The end. You should all do it. It feels real good.


aly said...

i think it is good to have "bugged" days-- i hate when i have them, but i think it is good! ha