Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bring on the beautiful rain!

Ahhh....I absolutely love, love the rain. I got to come home this weekend because the Hoag's (AKA Nanny family) were coming up to PG for holiday, so I decided to snag a ride last minute. So here I sit at 11:33 with my front door open, Sonny (my doggy) next to me, in my house...that I love and it feels so peaceful. And might I add...that it smells SO wonderful! And I am just happy.

Reasons I love rain:
1. My first kiss was in the pouring rain and it was fab. SO rain always brings back good memories.
2. The smell.
3. Umbrellas
4. That my hair goes INSANELY curly when I get rained on.
5. Driving with the wind-shield wipers on.
6. The feeling of being cozy inside and dark and gloomy outside.
7. Jack Johnson. It's a tradish. I have to listen to him while it is raining. I duno, he just sounds so rain-like. Does that even work?
8. You can dance in it, and it makes life so much better.
9. The sound...especially when thunder and lightning accompanies it.
10. That it just makes me feel all home-body like.
11. Galoshes.

And those are my weird reasons I love the rain. And I do really really love it.


Meg said...

i COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER THAN THAT!! I haven't had my first kiss in the rain.. but agree with the rest! Love you my dear!

The Payne's said...

Well said... I love the rain, so much more than the sun for all the same reasons. I love to hear the rain outside and curl up with a cup of soup or hot chocolate. And the smells, oh man, they are the best!