Monday, November 24, 2008

Tagged Baby!

Wahoo! I love being Tagged! This one was from cutie Kayla Powell. Here I go! :)

8 favorite TV shows:
1-The Office!
3-American Idol
4-John and Kate Plus 8
5-So You Think You Can Dance
7-Code Blue
8-Trauma:Life in the ER

8 books you’d recommend:
1-Native Son
3-Count of Monte Cristo
4-Man's Search for Meaning
5-The Diary of Anne Frank
6-Dear John (by Nicolas Sparks)
7-Press On (by Joseph B Wirthlin)

8 things that happened yesterday:
1-Taught Relief Society
2-Drove from St. George to Orem
3-Had Tequila Lime Chicken (so good!) for my birthday dinner
4-Had Banana Cream Pie
5-Grandma Baum brought me a present
6-Went to the Dunaway's and they gave me a gift! So fun to see them.
7-Watched the Office with my bro
8-Wrote Tyface an e-mail.

8 things to LOOK FORWARD TO:
1-Being off crutches
2-The semester ending!
3-Sleeping lots this week
4-Being with fam on Thanksgiving
5-laughing with friends
6-all the boys coming home from their missions
8-American Idol starting

8 things on MY WISH list:
2-The office seaon 4 and 5
5-A new hair straightener
6-New perfume
7-An exercise ball

8 things I LOVE ABOUT Fall:
1- Leaves changing.
2- My birthday
3- The mountains
4- warm blankets
5- cuddling!
6- football games
7- The smells
8- Crunching leaves

8 people I Tag:
1- Aly Williams
2- Lauren Stratton
3- Mckell Jackson
4- Marilee Glazier
5- Brynn Homer
6- Amylyn Payne
7- Brittany Moulton
8- Meg Gazaway

Yahoo! That was fun, and I am on drugs.