Sunday, November 2, 2008

Taming of "THE BEAST"

Dear friends,

My hair is EXTREMELY out of control. It has gone soooo curly partly because:
A) all my hair fell out last year and is now growing back. Problem: It's coming back in curlier, and it is it is crazy on top! I mean INSANE.
and B) I am pretty sure with all this messing with my hormones to stop the seizures, is making me like pregnant women whose hair goes really curly when their hormones go crazy...well, my body thinks its preggers and it is severely damaging my hair image.

Here is an example of this craziness:

So what should I do? Any suggestions? Because honestly me and Cam (the roommate) sat in the hair taming aisle for about 20 minutes...straightening it has become an impossible task as well....I feel stuck. Like a prisoner to "The Beast" which is my hair. Ugghhh.


Brynn burrito' said...

Cheltz- HONEY EMBRACE THAT WHICH IS THE CURL! take it from a curly girlie, you gotta love your skin/hair. Be your own Kinda b. e. a.u. tiful..... If your sporting a fro on top and the scraggles down low, borrow some of your momma's time for a trimmer and make it a darling fro that no one will forget.... I think there is this really cute curly girlie on a soap opra that I just cut on my friend... Turned out DARLING>>>>Plus I think pomes (perms) are coming back because I have two more this week... Luff U...Brynnie