Sunday, November 9, 2008

Crush Averted.

Ok so you know those crushes you get on a random kid in a random class?? You don't REALLY want to date them date them, but just maybe one date?? One little time to just spend with them just to see if they might even be slightly interested...? You're definitely not in it for the long haul, but the chase brings back all of those little Cascade Elementary school girl feelings of seeing Marcus Williamson on the playground during lunch. You get all giggly and forget your own name. Yeah well, I DID have one of these this semester believe it or not. However, at the fireside (which he is ALWAYS there...another great reason to go and be uplifted) tonight I see him, and of course the urge to walk by comes, naturally. As I stand nonchalantly talking to old friends, I see the CLASSIC suit coat go around her shoulders and his arm fit snug on her cute, petite, perfect little figure as he walks her home. Ouch. Owie, stabbing, put my heart in a blender and hit frappe. Ok, so it wasn't THAT bad. It was worth a shot and well, I have got to be able to tell Tyface I had at least ONE crush while he is gone. Now all my drive to keep trying to chase a guy has officially been shot out the window and gone for at least the next 8 months. It was short lived and kept life interesting for a while though. Hmph.


Anonymous said...

doesn't that just suck? I mean, couldn't they just wear a sign that they are taken or maybe speak up about "said girlfriend" so you don't make a donkey out of yourself? Ah well. On to the next chase. Keeps the blood flowin and the heart a pumpin! Ha! Loves ya. By the way, Marcus Williamson came home and reported his mission yesterday. Had to come home early for health reasons. As Hannah described him he was hot and yummy! Hellloo we are 12 for crying out loud!

kayla & tyler said...

HAHA!! holy childhood memory! I totally remember me in 6th grade, you in 5th grade. I was new to school and Marcus Williamson was in my class and every girl loved him. And Lacie Christensen loved him as well, and you guys were enemies!! haha good classic times! this story made me giggle!

A Real Good Bet said...

This is so sad! Now what will I have to tease you about?! =)