Thursday, November 20, 2008

Old Farts.

Ok. Possibly the funniest/fun party ever I went to last night! Each month for Ambassadors we try and do what is called a "sanity" which is simply just for that... our sanity. Last night we had so much fun with our old folks party! We all dressed up like old folks and played bingo and karaoke. Then we all had to bring and old people treat and so I brought Good N' Plenty candy, and those nappy big orange peanut candies. Please take note of my awesome fanny pack and plastic (literally) sweat suit...oh and inside the fanny pack are my pills. I wish you could have seen my socks and shoes too....they looked so dang good.

While we are on the subject too, what the crazy old drivers in St. George!? I swear with all the retirees down here all of the sudden I have almost been hit like 20 times. And don't worry, a guy was going 15 in a 40 zone. Hello friends! Let's keep the traffic laws. Anyway, here are some pictures:


Michelle said...

hahaha chels you look awesome! i especially love the plastic sweatsuit

bRitTanYlEi said...

remember how it was an old lady who hit my car and totaled it lasy year! i feel your pain :) haha