Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tagged! And Quality Nanny Moment....

Ok so I never get tagged! So I am stocked cute Kayla tagged me! The rules are:
1. Go to your pictures
2. Upload 4th picture of 4th folder
3. Post and explain picture
4. Tag 4 friends
So here is mine! A good one cuz it actually has a story!

This was my little friend who I called "Rafiki Undogo" which in Swahili means literally "my little friend". She followed me EVERYWHERE, and eventually after playing an exciting game of hide and seek I picked her up. She had freezing (yeah it was way cold in Kenya when I went! Crazy I know.) little feet, to I took off my jacket and wrapped it around her little toes-ies and rocked her and she was asleep in about 2 minutes.
Her sister came up to me in tears and said "You are the only one who has ever held her and loved her besides me. Our parents died when she was little and she longs to be loved."
Well, then I was in tears, and then we were just a big cry fest for a while. Good memories...and I love this little one!

Now I TAG! Julie Hinton, Amylyn Payne, Jules Garbutt, and Angie Williams.

And now for the story of the night!

My Nanny moment.

Tonight Emily (9) and Hannah (11) were up coloring and all of the sudden Hannah starts screaming. I look over and she says her face hurts, so I ask her to point to exactly where it hurts and I saw a little zit. So I explained it would go away soon and it was ok, they usually don't hurt that bad. "Puberty" I explained. Well, then she starts crying even more and says her lip hurts. She starts to scream "why does my face feel like it is burning off!?!" Well, I couldn't see any sign of anything anywhere on her face so I could not figure out what she was so upset about. Well, then Emily starts screaming that her eyes are burning....I look down to see my pepper spray lock had been opened and there was oil everywhere. "Great..." I think to myself, "so much for trying not to be raped!" About an hour later of blood curdling screams and trying to keep both calm....they finally settled down. Me and Emily had a good laugh after talking about the things she had yelled. They went a little something like this (through tears and screams of pain):

"I'm dying I know it!"
"That stuff kills people doesn't it?! Oh my gosh I am gonna die aren't I?!"
"Will I ever open my eyes again?!"
"I am gonna be blind!"
"Why do you even have that stuff?! It's so stupid!"

I tried to console her and explain that I knew it hurt like judd, but breathing deeply and staying calm was the key to helping it feel better. To no avail. We spent an hour washing out eyeballs. It's funny to her now, and it will definitely go down as one of the most interesting nights of my nanny career.

P.S. Don't worry that we also had a whole jug of koolaid spilt that night and a whole bucket of craft beads.


kayla & tyler said...

That is so sad about that cute little girl you held in Kenya!! that would break my heart to hear a little girl say that! oh my gosh, how sad!
And your nanny story is HILARIOUS! haha oh man, that is awesome!