Saturday, November 15, 2008

You can't spell 'fundraiser' without 'fun'!

Ok so I am in charge of our fundraiser for Ambassadors this semester and I am thinking it is gonna be kick awesome! It has so far been a big fat snitch to get approved, but after going clear to the Attorney General's office...I finally got the ok. Whew. Why so much hassle you ask? Well, because apparently it can be considered gambling so I had to change the wording very, very carefully and this is what we have come up with so far: We are going to have a "Holy Cow Pie Carnival" where you can buy a ticket for the "event" in which you will then be given a square and be entered in to a "random prize drawing". The field is then gridded off, and we let our cow go, and wherever it goes potty! That person's square wins an ipod. Since I had to make the carnival the main event and not the cow we are going to do these activities:

-Pin the udder on the cow
-Cow pie President Naudald in the face
-Cow pie walk
-Cow pie eating contest
-Blue Bunny and Winder Diary may hot chocolate and milk-shakes
-We got the mechanical bull!
-And cow roping

I think it is going to be way fun and all of the money goes to Warm Hearts Foundation to help build schools and water wells in Kenya. Yay for Kenya! Wish us luck, and let me know if you have any other funny ideas. Oh, and I found this brilliant costume for 20 bucks on will be good advertisement.

Hilare huh?!