Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I not a happy girl.

This is how I feel today.
I am just really grumpy. 
(I know good pic right? )

Last night I broke out into a full on allergic reaction. I have fallen ill with many things in my life but I have never had allergies or an allergic reaction. I guess I had a type of reaction but it was because I went out into the sun with a medication so I got a rash, but I have never had hives before.

It first started out just like itching around my ear mildly and then all of the sudden I looked like THIS:

I kid you not. My nose maybe didn't swell, but my ears and eventually my eyes had blisters all over them. Of course my family could not help but make Mike Tyson jokes at my GINORMOUS ears but I was definitely not laughing...ok maybe I was just a little. I looked SO crazy so it was pretty funny I will admit.

The weird thing about hives is that it moves! So today it moved from my ears and eyes to my hands and knees. My hands are now ginormous and look like I have swollen boxing gloves with big welts on them. OUCH! They hurt so bad not only on the outside but they make you feel sick all over.
So today the doctor made me come in to make sure I didn't have any complications because of my heart and he wanted to take a look at me...they are very careful with me now days. We just couldn't figure out why I would have such a reaction! I have been on the anti-biotic they gave so many times before (Z pack), I have no food allergies, and I have been taking the same meds for almost a month now and no problems. Well, since the antibiotic is the only change I have had we have to figure the Z pack is culprit and sometimes your body can come up with a reaction later in life. My body chooses now of course, one of the most trying times physically of my whole life. Lovely.

Unfortunately that medication will stay in my system for 5 more days making this reaction constant for five more days. We couldn't have that, so they decided to put me on some meds to try and stop it. Unfortunately the down side is those meds will make my ability to fight off my upper respiratory infection more difficult... I just can't win for losing here. Obviously in my normal life it would be no big deal to get this and I could handle it like a champ...but if I listed off all the ailments I am dealing with right now (trust me, you don't wanna know) my ability to deal is shot and I am just am so done....I just can't take much more.

I just hurt so bad all over right now and I just cried so today I am miserable world.  I am frustrated and worn out of getting beat up. I just am. Tomorrow I will be tougher and I won't be so grumpy, but today I felt sad. That's ok to admit right? Other people have it so much worse so sometimes I hate to admit frustration and oh woe is me-ness....but today I really felt it.

Thanks for letting me vent blog world.

Tomorrow I will count my blessings a little more and be a happier person...but today I just needed to bleed a little.

Thanks dear Rachel for the visit...I just needed it :)

More later.