Friday, May 13, 2011

The band Fictionist must win.

So, I had this fantastic post already to go yesterday to get your most welcomed votes, and then Blogger decided to go out on me ALL day yesterday.

So now I only have a short time to get your votes out.

Look. Point blank this band Fictionist is fantastic.

They are in this little contest called

Rolling Stone: Choose the Cover Contest

It's like totally not a big deal.

LIES. It is a HUGE deal and I just want them to win so dang bad.

If you haven't heard of them, you are just really missing out. That is why I am going to give you a sampling... like Costco on Saturday. This is one of my favorite songs:

See, no gimmicks here. They are fantastic. I am not being bribed to promote them, I just would really love to see some of Provo, Utah-ite/amazing muscianists to just make it. I just love them.

So can't you just help me by really helping them out by just voting?? I mean it is seriously no big deal and will take you LITERALLY all of 2 seconds (and when I say literally, I mean literally).

We don't have much time because round 3 ends TODAY!! They have come so far and are one of the last 4 bands and 2 will be eliminated today. Luckily they are looking like they are in the top 2 but we need to keep them there and keep them (in the words of Charlie Sheen) WINNING! 

So look, just rate them 5 STARS here and LIKE them as well. 2 CLICKS and you are done. EASY.

I will love you FOREVER and so will they.

Happy Friday the 13th! Hopefully it will be a lucky day for Fictionist! It will be if you vote ;)