Sunday, May 22, 2011

Loving rugby...and players aren't so bad either.

This weekend I went to the National Rugby Championship at Rio Tinto was sweeeeet.

I love soccer so much, love going to Rio Tinto and I thought it would be pretty cool to check out this game. So when my friend Dewey invited me I was way excited! There went me, my sis, and her friend over to the game to see BYU vs Cal-Poly and I am SO happy I went.

Have you seen a real rugby game? It is THE most intense game I have ever seen...and it looks so hurty! It makes football look like the wimpiest game ever.

My son will never play, that is for sure. I would be so nervous he would end up in the emergency room the entire game. I mean check out this clip....seriously. You may think you have seen what rugby is like because you have seen "Forever Strong", but it doesn't do it justice...these are some highlights from the game last night:

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The men in rugby are also quite nice...I wouldn't want to lie about that. Their legs are literally the size of tree trunks, and well, super tough. One guy went to the side of the field, pukes, and then runs and takes out another guy...NBD. It was insane. Not that puking is attractive...just saying, they are pretty dang tough. There were plenty of Poly's there...and we know how much I love the brown man ;). Hahah....

Oh man, all in all we googled the rules of the game and I got way into it! I wish the game was bigger here in the states because it is seriously so awesome. I learned what a try and a scrum was and that the clock counts up and not down. All good things to know BEFORE you go, because it is really confusing if you don't.

Basically what I am saying is...if you get the opportunity to go to a game...DO IT!


Lia said...

Hmm . . . I don't know if legs the size of tree trunks is something I usually look for in a man. ;)

Lachele said...

Umm Poly boys are so hot.
It's unfortunate they don't exist in Canada, but man when I lived in Salt Lake...the Utes Rugby team were like my best friends. I lovvvvvve them!