Friday, May 6, 2011

Great stuff. Great site.

I was catching up on blogs like usual the other day and THIS great blog introduced me to possibly the most addicting site ever...

Oh what? You've never heard of it? Neither had I. It is basically a place where people can upload products or stores that are unique. This makes for finding A-mazing and sometimes hilarious stuff. These are things I generally do not need but feel like I should own just for the novelty of it. I continually feel the urge to keep pushing the next page button just to see what could possibly show up. 

Here are some of my random finds...

Have some giant ear bud speakers...just cuz. 


I do feel like one day I need to have this shower head. It looks divine.

I definitely want this because I love pictures oh so much...I have a pretty sweet picture mobile that I got in NYC and I think it needs this to match. 

Have a's funny. And all the cool kids have them these days. 

Have a noosal shower gel/shampoo dispenser. Nothing says to your house guests 'welcome to our home' like a giant noosal in your shower. It is warm and inviting and says 'squeeze me' immediately.

These are so cool! They had these in Thailand and I wanted to play in them. I wondered where I could get them...apparently here. 

One day when I am rich I will own this piece of land on the beach and this tub and that sweet rain shower.... I just think I will want some more blinds so no one sees me nakey.

Put your hard earned cash into these cool tulip USB ports....once again...just cuz.

And here is a great find...this boyfriend pillow. Winning!

And I just want to go here and sit in that awesome swing and not looks wonderful.

How about this cute umbrella? If I move somewhere rainy I think I will just purchase this just because I love it and could use it all the time.

And last but not least I love these strawberry pitters (is that what you would call them? I don't know, that is what I am calling them). I always hate taking the stems out of strawberries and so I LOVE this.

Love this site. There were way too many things that I thought were funny, interesting, or beautiful for me to post so you will just have to check it out yourself! You will love it too :)

More later.


Kevin and Mindy Sagers said...

Oh great, you shouldn't have told me about that site because now I'm addicted. Haha! It has the coolest stuff. I love it.

Lindsey & Tony said...

Holy cow what a fun site! I love the nose soap dispenser! You're the best Chels I love and miss you bunches!