Monday, May 2, 2011

Updates and random thoughts in my head.

It has been a while for me to not blog....I do blog quite often these days.

I got this stupid secondary infection this week and so I haven't really felt up to blogging or doing much of anything. I was just sooooo miserable, but I am starting to feel better so I am happy about that!

So this post is going to be pretty random and have a bunch of things that have been floating in my mind that I just want to show you and or tell you about.

1. I am just happy to be alive. When I went to the doctor for my infection they were so excited that I had gotten the device put in and what a new quality of life I would have. When I told him about the pocket of clots they had found he was told me that if they had not found that before I had had a baby that I would probably had died in labor and delivery because a pulmonary embolism...once again reminding me how grateful I am to have had the surgery and that I have been blessed so much.

2. In other news, I got my letter of acceptance here:

I was really excited and I don't know if I will be going there FOR sure, but it was good news all the same.

3.  I am looking in to the possibility of doing a service mission for the remainder of my mission which is a year once I am feeling better. I looked into them this week and they have THE coolest missions like teaching seminary to disabled kids, working at the Welfare Center, giving tours to special visitors at Temple Square and the Conference Center, and many many more. This way I feel like I can finish my 18 month service while being close to home and taking care of my health as well as attending school possibly. We will see how it all really plays out after all is said and done, but that is what I am thinking and feel good about.

4. This weekend I also made it out of the black hole to see these great friends at their reception:

Congrats Jill and Mark! Although I wasn't feeling so hot it was so nice to get out after so long and to see so many friends I had not seen in forever. Marked improvement right?

5.  One of my best friends Linnea brought me THE cutest and most creative things ever. These before and after specially made heart cookies from Smart Cookie in American Fork! good. Best cookie I ever had and so cute! Thanks Linnea!

6. Gotta say, the Royal Wedding was A-mazing. Don't care how much crap I get about it I LOVED it. Kate looked amazing and I was IN love with her dress. Glad everything went well and nothing scary happened....honestly I was concerned. That many people and there has to be a few crazies who want to blow something up. What was cool is since I have endless amounts of DVR and time on my hands I watched all the planning before too so I loved watching it all happen...I know, I know blah blah. Congrats Kate and was lovely! 

7. Well, last but definitely not least, my post would just nat be complete if I didn't comment on Osama Bin Laden. So many emotions surrounding his death right? How would you like to be the most celebrated death in history? With facebook you know he has to be. Well, what a relief but also what is next? I think what scares me more than the bad guys over-seas are the radicals in our own country. And I also hold my breath for all of our service men and women and what they now face. I guess all I feel like I can do is pray for them and give my thanks to them to and their families who are so brave everyday...because I am not so brave.  I am so grateful for you and for this great country!

So that is all...all of my random for today. 

Hope everyone is doing great! Have a happy Monday for me :)


Michelle said...

Those cookies are adorable! What a cute idea your friend had. I loved what you said about bin Laden's death, and I also loved the royal wedding! I hated all the coverage leading up to it so I didn't think I would care, but it was so gorgeous! I'm so glad you're doing a little better Cheltz