Saturday, May 14, 2011

The sock caper.

We all know how much I love my little Scuddles...(see pic)

But there is something he does that makes me absolutely LIVID. 

He is the sock THEIF! Or caper, or whatever the heck you want to call him. At any one given moment you can find him with one of our socks in his mouth. For some reason, he just loves them! GAH! This morning I woke up to him next to my head and I went to give him the best of squeezes until I saw THIS:

UH! I immediately stormed out of bed and started chasing him around the house saying, "OH no, Scuddles WE don't eat socks!"
Does he care? No. He takes piles of them. And then where does he sneak them? Oh just to his stash in the back yard. 

We found like 6 of them once in his little pile back there. AH! See where does he get them?? Well, the laundry room, if someone leaves them on the floor, out of your shoe, if you leave a low drawer open...but MOSTLY I pretty much always sleep in socks because I am generally freezing at night! But somehow in the night those little sockies end up off my toes.

GUESS who knows that??...SCUDDLES. So he always steals my socks in the night and so I NEVER have matches. It drives me absolutely insane. 

So after chasing him all morning and getting plenty of these like 'ashamed I am being bad but I don't really care, I want my sock' faces from him....

I gave up and kind of went about my morning. I walk in and what do I see???  Uhhhhh.....

TWO  socks! That little nilly. He makes me so mad. Scuddles! OH WE DON'T EAT SOCKS!
"Oh yes we do," says he. 

Good thing I love him SO much. 
Good thing he needs a hair cut sooooo bad. He looks like crazy dog and I luff it! 

On a complete side note I got to hang out with these cool kids last night:

Gosh they're the best ever! I had so much fun, and too bad I didn't get a pic earlier because this is like barely a quarter of the people that were the BBQ. It felt AMAZING to get out. I almost had tears...I could have, I was so happy. Happy to be outside, happy to be with the best friends ever, happy to be laughing, and happy to just not think about being sick for once. I seriously forgot what it felt like to hang out...between my mission and being sick it has been a while! Loved it. I had to slunk my way home at the end of the night I was just so pooped out from laughing so hard and having so way too much fun.

It was great. Can't wait to have a Summer filled with that where I am feeling awesome :) 

More later!


Zane and Cami said...

Oh I can hear you and your cute Mother Gould saying to Scuddles right now, "Ohhhhh no no no Scuddles, we don't do dat, now do we?!" haha. Miss you like an asian without rice at every meal. And that is an intense missing.