Monday, May 23, 2011

Sickest. Performance. Ever.

Today I was maybe not feeling so hot. That left me a full day to catch up on the endless amounts of shows that I have DVR-ed and have not had time to watch. Not watching TV equals feeling awesome. Watching tv = getting a blog post of my opinions on what I watched. This day I watched the Billboard Music Awards and I have to say I was super impressed with their special Cee Lo Green's piano doing a complete 360 was pretty sweet. But the winner without a doubt, hands down goes to Beyonce. If you didn't see it....please watch it here. So awesome.....

She got a special award and it was pretty cool. She ended her speech with a shout out to her hubby and my personal fave by saying, "I love me some Jay-Z". Well said Beyonce, well said. I also love me some Jay-Z.

Some things that were not so awesome were the strobes...we know how much I hate those. Must we ALWAYS use so many??

And then this song that I generally love was PRETTY rough:

Aye. I was cringing. Along with Kesha's perfomance.... I had to close my eyes the whole time because of the strobes so all I could do was listen and my ears did not love. Bummer....just my opinion though.

And it just wouldn't be right if I didn't comment on this:

What do I think about it??

1. There are just SOOOO man awkward men this season! What the heck? Me and the sis were dying.
2. I can't handle the way Ashley talks. If I hear her say "par-fect" one more time my hand may go through the TV.
3. Her hair looks way better.
4. Why do the Salt Lake people have to be soooo sketchy?
Bently. He is Salt Lake boy....and he is going to be trouble. He is also going to be there a while.
5. How funny was it that this man was so wasted he fell asleep and couldn't be woken up?
How skeptical am I that is was fake? Pretty skeptical. Whether it was fake or whether it wasn't, it was pretty funny and he will never live that down. He will always look like an idiot and I feel sorry for him.

Well, I wish I never ever would have watched this show. It is like a growth....

I have to watch. So annoying.

P.S. Oprah was also epic. Ya Mike, it was. 2 shows left.

P.P.S. I hate TV.


Jasmine said...

omg can i just agree with everything you said about the bachelorette? Why are salt lake peeps douches every season? And why is ashley retarded enough to fall for him? ugh. And the guys... SO awkward. OMG! I was dying too.