Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another reason I love 4 year olds....

Tonight was the rodeo and as tradish goes, me, Linds, and Linnea put our hair in ba-raids, got in our most cow-girlish stuff and headed off. Love the Dixie Sun Bowl and the severely uncomfortable cement seating. But much to our enjoyment we met this little stud:

This is Eric. The 4 year old who had a HUGE crush on linds. He loves the women and kept us SO entertained and had to be one of the cutest little boys ever in his little Wranglers, cowboy boots, and button down. Here is the funniest video of him dancing. He said he loves to dance for girls! HA!

We had a great time! Just another great year at the Rodeo! :)


JULIE said...

cute shirt you!! and don't worry, i'm ok. i'm in california at my grandparents' but i am seriously calling you as soon as i get off the plane tomorrow. love.