Monday, September 8, 2008

Proud to be a Rebel.

I'm not gonna lie, I really really love St. George. I know I have said it earlier, but I really wanted to make a list of the things I love.

1. Dixie Pride. Everyone's got it down here. And yes, it's dominating and becoming nationally recognized for our programs. Oh yeah, and we had the top enrollment in the state....thank you Ambassador program and the billion hours of calling high school students.

2. Big, bleached blonde hair on LDS moms that are orangey colored. I love when their skin blends in with the rocks. It's perfect. They usually have a gigantic rock on their finger and live in a perfect Ivory home with an Escalade.

3. Polygamists at Wal-mart. I still have to stare. It never gets old seeing what their buying. They are usually in the fabric section if you wanna spot a really good one.

4. The heat. Yes, even though it kills me when I have tacos the size of texas when I am trying to make it across campus on crutches, I still like it. Especially when it is still 75 degrees in december and everyone else is scraping ice off their windshield.

5. St. George Boulevard. Actually I really hate it. I have a love hate relationship with it. Because everything awesome is located on it, but there are a million lights, it's 30 MPH, and you can't turn left ever. But I still love it.

6. That it is still a small town but has everything at the same time....except for gap. I hate that.

7. The red rock. It seriously is still so breath taking, even after a year and a half.

8. That palm trees and pine trees grow next to each other.

9. That you can go wakeboarding and snowboarding in the same day. At Brian Head and Lake Powell. Where in the heck else can you do THAT?!

10. Jimmy Johns sandwiches. AH! They are seriously amazing. Club Lu Lu is the best.

And yes ladies and gents, that is why I love it.


Meg said...

Love it! But just so you know, we have a Jimmy Johns here now too, Highland BABY! I love the wheat bread Tuna Sandwhich! AMAZING!