Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Twins!!

Dear Twins,

Happy stinkin birthday! I am so glad we are roomies and great friends. Thanks for always being there for me, listening to me cry..a little too much, listening to tyface stories, sharing your yogurts, taking care of me when I was sick....alot, late night sneak outs, getting annoyed with me about the dishes not getting done, hearing out all my crazy ideas and opinions, inviting me to Sweden, cleaning up my judd, laughing at my not so funny jokes, keeping me entertained with your stories, going on crazy adventures like the Flatts, helping me with all my stuff when I was on crutches, making me laugh til I wanna pee my panties, getting annoyed with school with me, showing me what a good runner really is, pushing me through the missionary phases, being examples to me, having the witty personalities that you do, doing my hair like a billion times, and the list could go on and on.

I hope your birthdays are a great one! You guys deserve it. I love your faces so much and I am so glad we are friends and roomies. Never forget it and remember how great you both really are.

Love Cheltz


Red Eyes said...

my dear blog friend, this will be a pleasure of brief duration, since my choice of blogs to read today has fallen on you. Do you love books? Have you read the master and margarita? I will be leaving a trail for you to my blog in the event that you consider it worthy and shall strive to return as faithfully as I can but I must say your blog has given more scope to my feeble human mind. It was very pleasing to read.

Until we blog again, here is wishing the twins a pleasant birthday