Saturday, September 20, 2008

Whew....the weekend finally.

Things have been really great this week! I got off my crutches which made me soooooo happy. I am still being really careful because it still hurts, but I was so sick of them. Then my tests went REALLY well. I got a 90% on my Anatomy Lab test, and an 88% on my lecture test! Wahoo. I did good on my other ones too, and I am not gonna lie it has been SO long since I didn't just completely bomb a test in college so it is like i got new wind this year and am actually managing to do well. I have been working LOTS, but having fun and just studying my bum off. Yesterday I went on a blind date that was pretty fun, they picked us up on tandem bikes and we rode to dinner at the Players Sports Grill. We went back to the one kid's house named Hans, who got off a mission 3 weeks ago literally....anyway and they made us margaritas! Ha it was so funny, and they were way good. We watched 21 and oh don't worry I was trying to move this curtain to go out of the room so I could go potty...there were two stairs and well, I didn't see either one. I fell down to my knees that are SO sensitive and I had tears when I got to the potty. They were so swollen and hurty after. I seriously have nightmares about falling on my knees because that is where they took out my cartilage right in the front there to break my fall. still makes me cringe when I think of falling again. Bah! But Lindsey's date was really great. My date on the other hand.....not my type, and much too cocky for my taste. was semi-weird with him. He has been home for 6 months....and just not my type like I said. Mmmmm...nope. Not at all my type.