Friday, September 12, 2008

Brains, dates, and quality moments with Nate.

So here is just a brief update of my recent going-ons:

Just nannying a whole bunch, but mostly just of Natey because his family went to LA to see Wicked, and we stayed here having a "wicked" good time :)

Ughhh...and it won't upload my video of Nate. So slash that idea. I will upload it later

Cuttin' brains out, dat my. I love it....not gonna lie though, since I have my lab at 6:00 AM if I don't eat, the smell of formaldehyde in the morning does kind of get to me. Other than that, I love anatomy. Uhm sorry if it grosses anyone out...hahaha but I am not really THAT sorry.

And I went on a date with another Natey Naterson...THE Nate Jensen. We had a great time!

School is also great, and they got me my very own golf cart! I am so grateful because I also came down with a horrible kidney infection. So pretty much backpack+sore back on my kidneys+crutches+heat+hurty knees = Suckfest of a day. Doing better though! :)


Nothin' Like It said...

Eww . . . do you really cut open brains??
I am so so glad that I'm an English major and I don't have to do that!! Just looking at those pictures makes me queasy.

Michelle said...

CHELSEA!!!! Brain dissections? um... think about the ONE person in your life who dies when they see this kind of sickfest grossness. Next time you post throw up-ish pictures, warn a brotha, aight?