Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Modge!

Today is my mom's birthday and I just wanted to write a few of the many reasons of why I love, adore, and look up to her so much!

1. My mom is always, always happy. There are few times in my life where I have really seen her upset or angry. I love it, but can hate it some days when I just wanna have a bad day...then mom comes in tickle me and say "OH! HI Sheltz!" And I can't help but smile. Sometimes I wanna shake her and say "Just be grumpy with me for like two seconds of your life!!". Hahaha I love it.

2. I can tell her ANYTHING. I probably tell her TOO much sometimes, but lately I can't handle not calling her at least once a day and telling her every detail of my little world down here in St. George.

3. She always, always is there for me. In thick and thin, and these last few years there has been quite a lot of thick. She sat and walked hand in hand with me through thousands of seizures, hundreds of doctors appointments, listened to me cry, cried with me, cheered me up, took care of me, and was my best friend always through it.

4. She's like a movie star and does all of these random movies and it makes her giddy. Actually lately they haven't been so random! She is in some big time stuff so watch for her ;). She cracks me up every time she gets a new part.

5. She is the best wife and mother. I can't believe how well she handles our family and all of our needs. I love how much her and my dad are still so in love, and how much she gives of herself to watch our family succeed. She is so great at running the household while keeping a bubbly excited attitude about life. Like she always says, "I might be crazy, but I'm fun to be with!". It's true....she will ALWAYS keep you entertained.

6. She loves my friends just as much as I do and I love it when she sits and talks with us. We always have a good laugh or she gives excellent advice and I love it. Sometimes I think my friends go to my parents with their problems instead of their own....haha.

7. How dedicated she is to the gospel. She has taught me what it is like to be a Christ-like person, and to live a Christ centered life. She never harped doctrine on me, but taught all by example. Everything she does, she does keeping what the Lord would have her do in mind. I love walking in on her down on her knees. It has to be one of the best things ever.

8. That she makes up songs for our dogs. Yes Buddles and Sunnles always have a little tune, and they just adore her because she adores them. She is sooooo funny with them. And Buddles, rest in peace, will always be the "Dat My Nice!" Dog who started it all.

9. She loves to sing, and I love to sing with her. She has such a beautiful voice and I am not gonna lie it is one of my favoritest things about her. If you ever get a chance to listen, man that woman has got some PIPES!

10. That she is my best friend and we can do everything together. I never get sick of her like most kids do of their parents, and I love how hard we laugh when we are together. Honestly there is no one in this world that I laugh harder with than my own mother. Countless nights we have stayed up way to late laughing so hard that there are tears, and we both, but mostly her almost wet our pants. I seriously am laughing right out loud when I think about it.

Mom! I love you! Wish I could be there on your birthday but I hope you have the best one ever!

Love, Sheltz


auntiejenni said...

my sweet sheltz! what a wonderful gift to your mama with your sweet words. thanks for sharing them. since you love rain, you better come up here to have the soft indian summer rains wash over you. you won't get those down in dixie. how are your clases? how are your very knees? are you turning cartwheels yet? i am sure you are busy with school and having a complete blast--let me know what you are doing.
i so love you little dearling,
auntie jenni